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Mitsubishi F1M2
Mitsubishi F1M2 1
Role Seaplane
Operators Japan
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Pilot
7.7mm machine guns
Artillery spotting
Position 2 7.7mm machine gun

Mitsubishi F1M2 is a Japanese seaplane.


The seaplane's maneuverability is not to be highly expected, therefore its armaments should be used as a self-defense measure rather than to be used in an dogfight. As with other seaplanes, the Mitsubishi F1M2 can act as a spotter and designate targets for artillery.

The plane spawns on the catapults of Furutaka-class cruiser and Yamato-class battleship. It can also be found in 4508-Yamashita Treasure.


The Mitsubishi F1M2 model is provided by Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon mod team under a content trade agreement.