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No. 82 Grenade (Gammon Bomb)
Type Anti Tank Charge
Users United Kingdom
Firing mode Impact fuse

The No. 82 Grenade (Gammon Bomb) is a British high explosive device.


The No. 82 grenade, nicknamed "Gammon Bomb" after its inventor, Captain R.S. Gammon, was a hand thrown multi-role demolition charge used by the British and Canadian armies in World War 2. It consisted of a metal cap which contains the fusing mechanism, and a bag of fabric, which could be filled with up to 900g explosive material. Depending on the target, the bag could also contain fragments, making the Gammon Bomb a powerful, very versatile weapon. It entered Service in May 1943 and was used mainly by special and elite forces, like paratroopers or the SAS. Because of the high amount of explosive, the grenade proved to be effective against armored vehicles as well. Because of the heavy blast, it could only be used from cover. The fusing mechanism made sure, that the grenade would only be armed when already in flight, and detonated the charge on impact.

In Battlegroup42, the No.82 grenade is used - though not totally historical accurate - as a hand thrown anti-tank charge of the British, Canadian, Australian, Dutch and Greek armies and issued to their anti-tank classes.

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