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USS Washington
North Carolina-class battleship render
Role Battleship
Operators United States
No. of positions 6
Position 1 Helmsman
406mm guns
Position 2 406mm guns
Position 3 Twin 127mm guns x5
Position 4 Twin 127mm guns x5
Position 5 Quad Bofors 40mm x3
Position 6 Quad Bofors 40mm x3

The North Carolina-class battleship is an American battleship.


The two battleships of the North-Carolina-class, commissioned just prior to the United States entry in World War 2, were the first examples of a new generation of US Navy battleships. They were fast enough to escort aircraft carriers and had an innovative design, which allows strong armor for all vital parts of the ship without getting too slow for combined task force operations. Modern radar equipment allows to guide the artillery fire precisely even by night - a capability that shows its worth first time, when USS Washington destroyed the Japanese battleship Kirishima during a night engagement off Guadalcanal with just a few salvos. Both ships of the class saw extensive service through the war, and took part in any major US Navy operation of the war in the Pacific. USS Washington also cruised the North Atlantic waters in 1942, escorting allied convoys. The North Carolina-class battleship had a main armament of nine 16"/45 caliber (406mm) Mark 6 guns on three turrets, as well as ten twin 5-inch/25 calibre (127mm) dual-purpose gun turrets, with five on each side. In Battlegroup42, its also massive aerial defensive armament is cut down to six quad Bofors L/60 40mm (three per side), otherwise planes would have no chance even to get close to them. Despite that the vessel is still a very dangerous opponent, if proper manned.

The ship can also launch two Grumman J2F-2 Duck seaplanes, which can be found at the ship's aft.

It can be found in maps such as 4311-Across the Reef and Iwo Jima.


The North Carolina-class battleship in the mod is called USS Washington.