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Panzer II Ausf F
Panzer II 1.jpg
Role Light tank
Operators Germany
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Driver
20mm gun
7.92mm machine gun

Panzer II is a German light tank.


Armed with a 20mm KwK 30 autocannon and co-axial MG 34, the Panzer II Ausf F is a dangerous threat to infantry and light vehicles, but not against heavy armoured tanks.

The Panzer II Ausf F, the last conventional variant of the Panzer II, was introduced in March 1941. It was a common scout tank between late 1942 and 1943, seeing action in Europe, North Africa, and the Soviet Union. The tank remained active in small numbers towards the end of the war.


  • It's in-game name was Panzer IIF
  • Due to lack of proper earlier variants of Panzer II, the mod adopted the Ausf F as a stopgap measure to be used in pre-March 1941 theatre maps.