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USS Salt Lake City
Pensacola-class cruiser
Role Cruiser
Operators United States
No. of positions 6
Position 1 Helmsman
203mm guns
Position 2 203mm guns
Position 3 127mm gun x4
Position 4 127mm gun x4
Position 5 Quad Bofors 40mm x2
Position 6 Quad Bofors 40mm x2
USS Salt Lake City (7th position)
Position 1 Catapult station

The Pensacola-class cruiser is an American heavy cruiser.


Trying to get the best results under the limitations set by the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, the Pensacola-class cruisers combined a strong main battery of ten 203mm guns in four turrets with weak armor and an uncomfortable top-heaviness, which make the ships prone to rolling. Later cruiser designs of the US Navy eliminated this shortcomings, but USS Pensacola and USS Salt Lake City just underwent a modification of their hull and superstructure to eliminate rolling, when they were thrown into combat against the Japanese in 1941. By this time, both ships had received modern radar systems and an increased amount of anti-aircraft guns. They took part in many US Navy operations in the Pacific, and played a famous role in the fightings of the Guadalcanal campaign, where they suffered heavy damage. Despite that, Pensacola and Salt Lake City survided the war, only to be sunk as target sips in 1947 and 1948.

In Battlegroup42, the Pensacola-class cruiser has ten 8"/55 calibre (203mm) guns on its four turrets, as well as four 5-inch/25 calibre (127mm) guns on each side. It also has two quad Bofors L/60 40mm guns on each side, making it deadly against surface or aerial hostile targets.

The cruiser also has a "hidden" 7th position, the catapult station, which controls the position of the port side catapult. One can enter this position from one of the two doors near the catapults. A Grumman J2F-2 Duck can be launched from the ship.

It can be found in Battle of Midway and 4307-Tokyo Express.


The Pensacola-class cruiser in the mod is depicted by USS Salt Lake City.