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Polikarpov I-153 (Fighter)
Polikarpov I-153
Role Fighter
Operators Soviet Union
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Pilot
7.62mm machine guns
Polikarpov I-153 (with bombs)
Role Fighter-bomber
Operators Soviet Union
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Pilot
7.62mm machine guns

Polikarpov I-153 is a Soviet biplane fighter.


The Polikarpov I-153 was the last biplane fighter in Soviet service. Developed from its predecessor, the I-15, and fitted with a retractable gear, it first was used in combat during the Battle of Khalkin Gol. China also received a large number of these fighters and deployed them against the Japanese. In Europe, the I-153 was no longer used as a fighter after the end of the Finnish-Soviet winter war, and many have been destroyed on the ground when Germany attacked the USSR in June 1941. However, the survivors were still used in the ground attack role until 1943, equipped with bombs or RS-82 air-to-ground rockets.

The Polikarpov I-153 is armed with four forward firing 7.62mm ShKAS machine guns. Thus it is much better armed than the Kawasaki Ki-10, but is not as agile as its Japanese counterpart.

In Battlegroup42, it is also available as a fighter-bomber in the early phase of Soviet Western Front, such as 4111-Rostov and 4112-Kalinin Front.


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