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RGD 1 Smoke Grenade
Type Smoke charge
Users Soviet Union
Firing mode Time fuse

The RGD 1 Smoke Grenade is a Russian smoke hand grenade.


During World war 2, the Soviet Army used two types of smoke hand grenades. Most common was the RGD 1, basically a kind of flare with friction fuse. It came in two types: white smoke and black smoke. Its body consisted of waterproof, molded cardboard and had a burning time up to 90 seconds. A unique feature was its ability to float, which made it ideal for the screening of river crossing operations. The RGD 1 and its post war variants remained in use with many armies up to recent times.

In Battlegroup42, the RGD 1 Smoke Grenade is depicted by the model of the RPG-43, since there is no proper model of it available. It is issued to the Soviet scout, medic and officer classes and wrongly called "RPG-43 Red Smoke".

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