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Ram Kangaroo
Ram 1
Role APC
Operators Canada
No. of positions 5
Position 1 Driver
Position 2 7.62mm machine gun
Position 3 7.62mm machine gun
Position 4 Passenger
Position 5 Passenger
Abilities Heal IconRepair IconAmmo Icon

Ram Kangaroo is a Canadian armoured personnel carrier.


Although the Canadian-built Ram did not see combat as a gun tank, the chassis was used for several other combat roles during the war. The Ram Kangaroo, which was the Ram with the turret removed to act as an armoured personnel carrier, was such example.

In Battlegroup42, the Ram Kangaroo has room for a driver and four passengers. It is armed with two M1919 Browning machine guns: one in an auxiliary turret, and the other on top of the turret ring. Like all troop transport in the mod, the Ram Kangaroo can heal passengers and provide them with ammunition supply, as well as repair friendly vehicles in the vicinity.

It is available on maps set after mid-1944, such as Liberation of Caen and 4407-Operation Crossbow.


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