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Sdkfz 250
Sdkfz 250 1.jpg
Role APC
Operators Germany
No. of positions 3
Position 1 Driver
Deploy machine gun
Position 2 7.92mm machine gun
Position 3 7.92mm machine gun
Abilities RepairHealAmmo Refill

The Sdkfz 250 is a German halftrack.


The Sdkfz 250 is a small halftrack APC armed with two MG 34 machine guns; one at the front above the driver, and one facing rear on a pintle mount. The driver can deploy a tripod mounted MG 34 machine gun on the ground for troops to use immediately. The vehicle mostly appears in the African theatre as the main APC of the German forces there. Like all troop transport vehicles in the mod, the Sdkfz 250 can heal passengers and provide them with ammunition supply, as well as repair friendly vehicles in the vicinity.