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Sherman Tulip
Sherman Tulip 1
Role Tank
Operators United Kingdom
No. of positions 4
Position 1 Driver
75mm gun
7.62mm machine gun
Position 2 7.62mm machine gun
Smoke discharger
Position 3 7.62mm machine gun
Position 4 Rockets

Sherman Tulip is a variant of the M4 Sherman tank fielded by the United Kingdom.


The Tulip is name for British Sherman tanks fitted with two rails, one on each side of the turret, to fire the powerful RP-3 rockets that are normally used by aircraft such as the Hawker Typhoon. This was a field conversion done by workshops of the 1st Coldstream Guards prior to the Rhine crossing in early 1945. The rockets carry a strong 60 pound HE charge - much more than a 75mm HE shell of the main gun - and were used to fight enemy bunkers and strongpoints from close distance. Apart from the rockets, the tank is largely the same as the base Sherman V, with its main armament and secondary armaments remain unchanged.

The Sherman Tulip in Battlegroup42 is largely identical to the normal M4A4 Sherman. The only difference is the addition of the fourth position, which gives access to two RP-3 rockets mounted on the turret sides. As the rockets cannot traverse at all, the turret turn to adjust the firing position, which means the driver and the rocket operator need to coordinate well, or in the case of a sole crew, switching positions is necessary.

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