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Skoda vz 14/19
Skoda 100mm 1
Role Howitzer
Operators Greece
No. of positions 1
Position 1 100mm gun

Skoda vz 14/19 is a howitzer of Czechoslovakian origin.


The Skoda vz 14/19 is an improved version of the original World War I-era Skoda vz 14, featuring a longer barrel and hence offering a longer firing range. The Skoda vz 14/19 had a very good all-round performance and became one of the most important field artillery pieces among the armies in Central Europe. It was a stout weapon with few design frills and it was capable of a prolonged hard use. The weapon was sold to a number of countries during the interwar period. When World War 2 started, thousands of them were in service in countries like Greece, Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Romania and also Germany, which used captured guns in large numbers during the early years of the war.

In Battlegroup42 the howitzer is used by Greece, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Italy.