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Role Aircraft carrier
Operators Japan
No. of positions 5
Position 1 Helmsman
Position 2 127mm guns (Flak)
127mm guns
Position 3 127mm guns (Flak)
127mm guns
Position 4 25mm AA guns
Position 5 25mm AA guns

The Soryu is a Japanese aircraft carrier.


The aircraft carrier has four twin 12.7cm Type 89 dual-purpose guns, which have two firing modes - as anti-aircraft guns or as naval artillery. It also has four twin 25mm Type 96 anti-aircraft guns. It typically has Mitsubishi A6M Zero, Aichi D3A Val, and Nakajima B5N Kate spawned on the deck. Two Daihatsu-class landing craft also spawn on the rear of the carrier.

It can be found in Battle of Midway.


The Soryu and Hiryu share the same model as the Shokaku-class aircraft carrier, which is modified from the original Battlefield 1942's Shōkaku model.

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