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HMS Thrasher
T-class submarine
Role Submarine
Operators United Kingdom
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Helmsman
Stern torpedo tubes
Aft torpedo tube
Position 2 102mm gun

The T-class submarine is a British submarine.


The Triton-class submarines, called the "T-class" because all of its members name started with a "T", was the most important submarine class of the British Royal Navy. With a length of 84 meters and a submerged displacement of 1600 tons these boats were significantly larger than the German Type VII C-class, carrying a massive torpedo armament: eight bow torpedo tubes (two of them external) and two external tubes amidships angled to fire forward gave the T-class the largest salvo capacity ever fitted to an operational submarine. With 53 examples build from 1938 on, the T-class was also the second numerous british submarine class of WW2 (only the smaller S-class had more: 73). The boats served all around the world with good success, although 13 of them got lost, mainly in the Mediterranian Sea. In 1943, one boat (HMS Talent) was transferred to the Royal Netherlands Navy. Renamed "Zwaardvisch", this boat fought in the Atlantic and later on in the Pacific theatre. Like many other T-class boats, it stayed in service for many years even after the war. The last one, part of a batch of boats transferred to Israel in the early sixties, was scrapped in 1977.

In Battlegroup42, the T-class submarine has a total of seven torpedo tubes: six at the stern, and one at the aft. The torpedoes have slow reload speed. There is also a 4 inch deck gun for self-defense.

It appears on maps like 4203-Battle of Java and 4309-Navarone.


The T-class submarine in the mod is depicted by HMS Thrasher.