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Role Aircraft carrier
Operators Japan
No. of positions 5
Position 1 Helmsman
Position 2 25mm AA guns
Position 3 25mm AA guns
Position 4 100mm guns
Position 5 100mm guns

The Taiho is a Japanese aircraft carrier.


The Taiho was the first ship of a new Japanese aircraft carrier generation, and the only one of these ships that was commissioned and put into combat service before the end of the war. It had an advanced armament and design, and - for the first time on a Japanese aircraft carrier - an armored flight deck. The Taiho has been constructed to carry the most advanced Japanese naval aircraft developments, but none of these airplanes was ready to fly when the Taiho, as a part of a large fleet, sailed into the Battle of the Philippine Sea. There, she was torpedoed by the submarine USS Albacore, and eventually sunk after a series of large internal explosions caused by vaporized aircraft fuel from damaged fuel storages.

In BattleGroup42, the Taiho is equipped with four twin-barreled 25mm Type 96 anti-aircraft guns to fend off enemy aircraft. It is also equipped with two 10 cm/65 Type 98 naval gun turrets, making the aircraft carrier capable of engaging surface targets.

It typically spawns a Mitsubishi A6M and a Aichi B7A2 Ryusei on the deck. Two Daihatsu-class landing craft also spawn on the rear of the carrier.

One can be found in 4508-Yamashita Treasure.