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Tribal-class destroyer
Tribal-class destroyer 1.jpg
Role Destroyer
Operators United Kingdom
No. of positions 6
Position 1 Helmsman
Twin 120mm guns x2
Depth Charge
Position 2 Twin 120mm guns x2
Position 3 Torpedo tubes
Position 4 Twin Oerlikon 20mm
Position 5 Twin Oerlikon 20mm
Position 6 Quad Bofors 40mm
Abilities Radar/Sonar

The Tribal-class destroyer is a British destroyer.


The Tribal-class is well armed for a destroyer, featuring 2 twin 120mm guns each at its bow and stern. It is also equipped with 2 twin Oerlikon 20mm guns as well as a quad Bofors L/60, making it very dangerous against aircraft. In addition to its anti-aircraft capabiltiies, the quad Bofors guns can act as fire support against soft-skinned coastal targets within its direct sight, thanks to its high rate of fire.

Tribal-class destroyer can be found in 4004-Narvik and in 4309-Battle for Lae (Conquest mode only).