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Valentine III
Valentine 2pdr
Role Tank
Operators United Kingdom
Soviet Union
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Driver
40mm gun
7.92mm machine gun
Valentine IX
Valentine ix brit
Role Tank
Operators United Kingdom
Soviet Union
Free France
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Driver
57mm gun
Position 2 7.62mm machine gun

Valentine is a British tank.


The Valentine is the successor of Matilda II in the British infantry tank series. It has a small silhouette and good armour protection, but slow speed.

There are two versions of the Valentine in BattleGroup42: Mk III is armed with a 2-pounder gun and a coaxial Besa machine gun in the turret. As with many British tanks at the time, the 2-pounder gun proved to be increasingly inadequate against the newer tanks. The Mk IX is upgunned to the more powerful 6-pounder gun, but with the loss of the coaxial machine gun. An M1919 Browning machine gun is mounted on top of the turret to compensate this shortcoming.


The Bishop is a self-propelled artillery based on the Valentine's chassis.


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