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Webley MK.VI
Type Revolver pistol
Users Australia
Firing mode single action
Magazine size 6

The Webley MK.VI is a British revolver.


The Webley MK.VI was the last model of the famous and successful series of Webley revolvers which served with military and police forces in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth from 1887 on. It was adopted in 1915 and has a longer barrel than its predecessor, the Webley MK.V. Like this, the MK.VI is very rugged and able to withstand extreme environments, even under the conditions of the trench war. Its massive .455 cartridge with its heavy bullet deliveres quite a punch, making the weapon a formidable man-stopper - if proper aimed. Due to the large recoil, this needs some training, which makes the Webley MK.VI unsuitable for unexperienced soldiers. It was planned to replace the Webleys with the Enfield No.2 Mark 1 revolver in 1932, but production numbers of this weapon were never sufficient for that. So many Webleys stayed in service with British and Commonwealth forces through World War 2 and even beyond.

In Battlegroup42, the Webley MK.VI is the sidearm of the scout, assault, anti-tank and rifleman classes of the Australian forces.

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