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Wickes-class destroyer
Wickes-class destroyer
Role Destroyer
Operators United States
United Kingdom
No. of positions 6
Position 1 Helmsman
102mm gun
Depth Charge
Position 2 Dual 40mm Bofors
Position 3 Torpedo tubes
Position 4 Torpedo tubes
Position 5 102mm gun
Position 6 102mm gun
Abilities Radar icon

The Wickes-class destroyer is an Allied destroyer of US origin.


First launched in the eve of World War I, the Wickes-class destroyers role was mainly to protect larger warships from torpedoboats and submarines, as well as reconnaissance. The design focused on speed instead of heavy artillery armament, so the Wickes sported just four single mounted four inch guns and a single three inch gun. Additionally the ships carry a strong torpedo battery with 12 tubes for 21 inch torpedoes. 111 ships of the class have been build, and a lot of them were still in service when WW2 broke out. Being obsolete in the destroyer role, they were mainly used as escorts for merchant shipping. The Royal Navy received 22 and the Royal Canadian Navy received five ships of the class, which served as escorts as well. A number of the Wickes-class ships were also converted to troop transports (APD), minelayers (DM), minesweepers (DMS) and seaplane tenders (AVD). Depending of the role, they got a modernized armament and lost their torpedo launchers in order to get more transport capacity and endurance. 13 Wickes ships were sunk during WW2.

Due to their intended role, the Wickes-class destroyers are no match with the newer destroyers of World War 2 in Battlegroup42, especially in the armaments. Instead, they were used as escorts and submarine hunters armed with three four inch guns, a dual 40mm anti aircraft gun, two torpedo launchers and depth charges.

The Wickes-class can be found in 4209-Wolves at Night, 4210-Wolfpack, and in Conquest mode of 4208-Operation Herkules.


The Wickes-class has a high-speed transport variant, which also appears in the mod.