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Wickes-class high-speed transport
Apd 1
Role High-speed transport
Operators United States
No. of positions 5
Position 1 Helmsman
102mm gun
Depth Charge
Position 2 102mm gun
Position 3 Twin Oerlikon 20mm
Position 4 Twin Oerlikon 20mm
Position 5 Twin Oerlikon 20mm
Abilities Radar icon

The Wickes-class high-speed transport is an American troop transport vessel (APD).


At the beginning of World War 2, the US Navy still had a large number of old destroyers under commission, mostly launched between 1916 and 1921. They belonged to three different, but very similar classes, all of them with a flush deck and four smokestacks. Because of that, they are often regarded as one class and called the "flushdeckers" or "fourstackers". With 156 ships build the Clemson-class was the largest group among them, the second largest was the Wickes-class with 111 ships. These old ships were outdated destroyers in the late 1930´s especially in terms of armament, but still provided reliable platforms for other services like minelaying, minesweeping or tending sea planes. Another 32 flushdeckers, of which 17 were Wickes-class destroyers, have been converted to high-speed transports (US Navy designation APD, which means transport destroyer). In the conversion, the two forward boilers were removed along with their smokestacks, giving space to accommodate 200 troops. Armament was also reduced and modernized, with the torpedolaunchers sacrificed to give room for four LCP landing crafts. These APD ships have been used specificially in amphibious operations, but also as escorts, transports, submarine hunters and much more.

In Battelgroup42, the APD is based on the Wickes-class destroyer. The armament consist of two 4"/50 caliber (102mm) guns and three twin Oerlikon 20mm guns. Its true potential lies in its capacity to launch four landing vehicles at once. This allows a more rapid troop deployment to the hostile shore compared with other warships.

There are two variants for the ship: one with four LCVP, the other with two LVT(A)-2 Water Buffalo and two LVT(A)-1.

It appears on 4208-Gavutu Islands, 4211-Safi Port, 4407-Operation Crossbow and 4409-Angaur.


The ship is simply known as "APD Transport" in the game.

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